Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Critics Have Spoken ...

Read the book that has redefined the prequels, and changed Star Wars forever! Read the book that several generations of fans are raving about! Read the book that is being lauded as “heretically dazzling,” "brilliant," "revolutionary," a book of academic criticism on that galaxy far, far away that reads less like scholarship and “more like poetry”!

Still not convinced?! Listen to what bloggers and websites across the Internet are saying!

“A very worthwhile addition to any Star Wars library”

“If you want the very best look at the entire prequel trilogy thus far, get this book.”

The Star Wars Heresies is neither a pedantically-footnoted academic exercise, or a dumbed-down piece of disposable pop philosophy—it’s a warm, passionate book that thinks highly enough of its readers to treat them as if they’re in conversation with a friend.”

“Paul F. McDonald has clearly done his homework when sadly few would deign to regarding these particular movies, and the result is worthwhile indeed.”

“Scholarly sound and just plain immensely entertaining to read, The Star Wars Heresies might be the greatest defense the prequels have ever received as works of art, as well as George Lucas as an artist. I have seen no anti-prequels argument composed with anything approaching the same level of intelligence, wit, generosity, knowledge of the entire Star Wars film series as it actually is and not as it’s often perceived to be, patience in handling the opposing viewpoint, and awareness that at the end of the day, Star Wars is meant to be enjoyed. McDonald’s enthusiasm for the series exudes off the page, and is truly refreshing, given modern online fandom’s penchant for the pessimistic and the combative.”