Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Heresies Strike Back

In case anyone has enjoyed the content of this blog, or the content of my book, and is looking for the next step in the journey, I cannot hesitate to suggest Bradley Weatherholt's The Prequels Strike Back.

This is a brilliantly crafted film about "a certain point of view" on all things Star Wars. It takes a very in depth look at many subjects which usually only score a casual glance at best.  This isn't just about the prequels. As I have tried to do so often in my work, this is an analysis of Star Wars, fandom, George Lucas, cinema, and just a lot of philosophy and psychology and myth and metaphor in general. It's about art and perception and the various narratives we use to guide our lives. 

The documentary never fails to be honest, insightful, and as objective as anyone can claim to be when evaluating a subject as passionately experienced as Star Wars. It boasts a wonderful gallery of spokesman, probably Mike Kilmo of The Ring Composition fame being the most prominent. Which is wonderful, because he is so knowledgeable about so many things. 

All in all, the film begs the simple question of how much more interesting all of this would be if we looked at things from "a certain point of view." Another point of view. I've heard the director on numerous podcasts, including one of my new favorites, The Cantina Cast. One of his primary mission statements seems to be just positing  how much more interesting the saga gets when one rises about the online fanboy chatter and is willing to take their first step into a larger world of possibility. 

While we're at it, that is just a great stepping off point for just about everything in life. 

As for me, I was graciously offered an interview in The Prequels Strike Back. However, the filmmakers couldn't make it to Atlanta, and I just couldn't make it work at the time either, so I am not physically in the documentary. However, my book is certainly featured, as well as a lot of ideas that I have been shuffling around for over a dozen years now. Maybe it is egocentric and un-Jedi like, but I will say I feel The Star Wars Heresies casts a long shadow over all of this. 

Personally, I'm still enjoying retirement from official fandom, and just kicking back and letting it all be what it is. The transition to Disney has been better than I had anticipated, with a new season of Rebels about to launch, and Rogue One on the horizon. I am absolutely loving those trailers! And yes, my friend and I already have tickets for Star Wars Celebration in Orlando next year. Maybe I will see some of you there, which is always a pleasure.

Perhaps I'll be writing about Star Wars some more before it's all over. I'm working on another YA fiction project, which I didn't think I'd ever do again, but here we all are. My next big Star Wars event will be Star Wars Reads Day at the library I work at. We have registered to win a day with Pablo Hidalgo, and if that happens, I will certainly post about it!

Anyway, The Prequels Strike Back are available on YouTube and Amazon to rent and buy, with the DVD and a big screen release coming next month. If you enjoyed all my stuff, this is clearly the next step, so please go support this film.