Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Early Retirement

So here's me in the latest issue of Star Wars Insider. Talking all about midichlorians. It was nice. 

And so, here's me also just stepping down from the batshit insanity that Star Wars fandom has devolved into since the Disney sale. It seems impossible to post anything - no matter how bland and non-confrontational - about the Wars these days without getting into endless drama and debate. Enough is enough. Never, even in the summer of 1999, have I seen the online incarnation of this fandom in such a state, where one is attacked for everything they do say, or don't say, or insinuate, or whatever. 

The mantra continues. Life is too short. I have neither the time nor energy nor interest in arguing about The Force Awakens or practical effects or canon until the ghastly hours of the morning. But that is precisely what it now requires. Even if one goes out of their desire to simply state their stance and move on, the conflict that ensues is just absurd. Arguments that chase each other around in circles for hours and hours. People keep wanting me too, but I don't even care at this point. 

I also pretty much refuse to take part in a fandom that even partially insinuates that people like Simon Pegg aren't the problem, but people like myself are. 

My relationship with Star Wars, whatever it will be, will have to be personal. I am going to make a sincere effort to divorce it from social media. But again, I've never seen it this bad, with one incomprehensible argument fired against one with no context whatsoever, and really, who needs it? There is no evidence that it is going to improve. It's merely the slow circling of the drain of a once promising fandom.


Edited: Okay, one more, that's happily coming from a much better place - Early Retirement - The Special Edition



  1. Don't go. We need as many voices as possible to speak up for the prequels and the saga as a whole. I think that part of the problem with fandom is that people like you and I choose to run away instead of letting everyone know what we love and how we feel. As a result the only people who are left are the angry loudmouths with the same angry opinions.

    Over the past fifteen years a lot of prequel fans had to shut up, leave the fandom, try not to get into shouting matches. Look at what that's done--they appear again in all the fresh hype of new Star Wars movies after years of banishment, and their views are seen as hostile, upsetting to the status quo. We need MORE people to speak up for the prequels and the saga as a whole, not less, and to do it in the classy way that you do is a great bonus!

    I understand if you feel you need to get away, for the sake of your personal fandom. Seeing the way Disney and Lucasfilm are advertising TFA, and the way the fandom seems to be all too willing to take some of the marketing fluff they put out there at face value, and as ammunition to attack the prequels and George Lucas has left a bad taste in my mouth. I don't want to go into TFA embittered, with my mind made up to find fault in everything that it is. I've considered getting away from the fandom myself because of that (just watch the trailers and see the movie when it's out). It feels dirty to run away, though, especially knowing that it's BECAUSE we haven't been busy letting everyone know we're here and that we're more than clueless kids who go wild for anything labelled Star Wars that the fandom is less tolerant of us, that Lucasfilm is okay with throwing us and the things we love under the bus to sell their new movie. :/

  2. I understand how you feel. I really do. I'm a fan of both trilogies. Yet, while perusing the Jedi Council message board, I found myself reading one more post that needlessly bashed the PT . . . and in the section for the upcoming movie. And it occurred to me at that moment at how exhausting or bone crushing the Star Wars fandom has become. Reading that passage made me feel so exhausted that for one moment, I seriously considered giving up on the fandom altogether.

    But I'm still here. I haven't given up on it . . . yet. Perhaps you should take a break from the fandom for a while. Wait several months and see how you feel by the beginning of next year.

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  4. Go...go and find what sustains you but I hope you know for many of us that's exactly what we come to you for. I have your book always on my desk by my computer.

  5. You were the only one keeping me sane. I haven't written anything in months partially due to having to step up at work, but also because I can't think of anything to say that I haven't said before, because like you I can't even think about these movies I love without thinking of how disenfranchised I've been made to feel in the marketing. Reading your analysis and predictions was the only time I've felt positive and excited about the upcoming films.

    Just please don't call this a retirement yet.

  6. Thanks, guys. I have one more post in me. I think it sums things up in a less dark side-y way.


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